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About Us

Bristol-based Able Waste are specialists in skip hire and waste management services such as refuse and household clearing across the Bristol and Bath area. Able Waste Management is part of The Hills Group and was acquired by Hills in October 2016 (press release).

Britain’s Landfill resource is fast running out and we all need to do more to reduce land fill and increase re-use of recycled materials. Able Waste is committed to reducing landfill waste by recycling and processing all of our skip waste. We are four star members of the Green Achiever scheme, members of the National Skip Hire Association and members of the Road Haulage Association.

Able Waste Management operates a dedicated Recycling Centre at Hallen to process all the waste collected in our skips. The centre is located just outside Avonmouth near Bristol. At the Hallen facility we have invested heavily in state of the art machinery to enable us to maximise the amount of reclaimable materials removed from the general waste brought in by our fleet of skip delivery vehicles from Bristol and the surrounding areas.

The Bristol Hallen site was chosen 4 years ago because of its close proximity to several of our recycling partners. This helps reduces our waste transport environmental impact. We also operate a fleet of modern vehicles chosen specifically for their low emissions and running costs.

Our team at Hallen process over 150 tons of general waste per day, separating, processing and sorting to reduce waste going to landfill. We reclaim stone, soil, metals, cardboard, paper, wood and plastics.

Reclaimed materials are transported to specialist processors to use as feedstock or to companies in the re-manufacturing industries. Many construction projects use reclaimed aggregates. The automotive industry use recycled metals as do the electronics and heavy engineering industries.

Recycled wood and cardboard in re-used is many packaging applications and your daily newspaper may well be printed on recycled paper.

You can be sure that when you use Able Waste Management we deal with your waste responsibly and in an environmentally sensitive way.

Our contact details are:

AbleWaste Limited
The Recycling Centre, Hallen Industrial Estate
BS10 7SE
0117 982 9882

Registered office

Wiltshire House
County Park Business Centre, Shrivenham Road

Registered at the Government's Environment Agency: BP3690FK/V002

Environmental and Community Policy

Able Waste Management Ltd is part of Hills Group and follows Hills Group environmental and community policies.

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