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Empire Fighting Chance

Able Waste are supporting Empire Fighting Chance - "Inspiring Champions through Courage Unity and Respect"

Empire Fighting Chance Bristol The Empire Amateur Boxing club has existed in the St Paul’s district of Bristol for over 40 years. Now in addition to champion-level coaching they also offer community boxing for young people helping to reduce anti- social behaviour, working in partnership with schools, pupil referral units and the NHS with mentoring and personal development sessions to tackle Mental Health and Obesity.

  • Empire work with over 200 young people a week
  • 60% male and 40% female attendees
  • 89% of young people at risk of exclusion who take part in our programme remain in education after our intervention.
  • 92% are no longer committing criminal activity
  • 96% were more confident
  • 90% made new friends
  • 98% felt fitter and better about themselves

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