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Environmental and Community Policy

Able Waste Management Ltd is part of Hills Group and follows Hills Group environmental and community policies.

The Hills Group is a significant regional provider of products and services within the waste management, quarry products and house building sectors 1.

We are a family owned company that takes its responsibilities to our staff, customers, suppliers, local communities as well as the wider environment very seriously.

We recognise that our activities impact on the environment and are committed to
managing and continually improving our environmental performance.

The Hills Group will:

  • Ensure that environmental impacts are assessed throughout the planning, design and delivery of services to prevent pollution, minimize negative impacts and maximize positive impacts.
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements relevant to our business activities to which we subscribe.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through setting and reviewing objectives and targets and regularly measuring the performance achieved.
  • Implement environmental management systems to measure compliance and performance, and enable prevention of pollution and nuisance to local communities, wildlife and the wider environment.
  • Continually improve energy efficiency of our activities coupled with waste reduction and increased recycling.
  • Provide sufficient resources and training to achieve policy objectives and foster an understanding of environmental responsibility amongst our stakeholders.
  • Protect and enhance biodiversity throughout our activities and landholdings where practicable.
  • Listen to and respond to the needs of employees, local communities and other key stakeholders.
  • Communicate this policy to everyone working for and on behalf of the company and other interested parties.

Mike Hill
Chief executive, The Hills Group Ltd
(May 2016)


Hills Group Environment and Community Policy document

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