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20 Cu Yd Skip

Suitable for inert waste (soil & hardcore only) from demolition and excavation works. They can also be used for mixed construction waste from larger building projects and refurbishments.

Hook loaded Holds 18 Tons of soil Maximum Gross Weight - 18 Tons 20 Cu Yd capacity

Please note: Prices for these skips are determined by the type of waste being that the skip will be filled with. For general waste we offer a price based on a transport and up to 4T of waste with an additional charge for every Tonne over this weight.

For Inert wastes we offer an all-in price with special discounted prices for hardcore only skips

This is part of our Roll-on-roll-off range. So called because these containers ‘roll off’ the back of the vehicle by means of a ‘Hooklift’ system. They are only delivered on an 8 axle 32T vehicle that needs plenty of room to manoeuvre.

These containers are equipped with a large single door at the rear to facilitate easy loading.

Able Waste are one of the few companies willing to undertake a free site survey to asses your requirements if you are planning to use this type of container.

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